Soli Deo Gloria

We would like to help churches set up local Creation Fellowships to host creation science speakers and organize events such as creation adventures in the outdoors and exclusive learning days at museums (especially during summer months for VBS and other special events throughout the year). Can the Society of Creation serve as a clearing house to connect like-minded people to follow up on this summer's convention resolution to study creation? If so, write us.


The Society of Creation was founded in August 2011. We were originally an organization of full-time faculty in various academic disciplines who teach at most of the ten institutions of the Concordia University System (CUS). Since then we have expanded our reach. We also welcome members who support our mission but are not CUS faculty and not members of the LCMS. You don't need to be a faculty member to join us.

Our goals include support of the historic position of
The Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod on creation, encouragement of the same, and education. This includes people of all denominations and walks of life. Our charter states, "To provide support, education, affirmation, and encouragement for those who teach the historic position of the LCMS on the doctrine of creation and to affirm the biblical position on creation." We do not take positions on other issues, relevant though they may be.

The photo above was taken near the Grand Canyon in July 2012. The Grand Canyon contains much evidence for the worldwide flood of Noah. Those who hold to a worldwide flood, as described in Genesis 6-9 almost always understand the creation story in Genesis 1 as a straightforward account.

"I support the mission of the Society of Creation." Dr. Dean Wenthe, President, Concordia University System
“The connection of the Society of Creation and the Concordia University System (including our campuses in Mequon, Wisconsin and Ann Arbor, Michigan) has been a profoundly positive partnership.  Faithful and thoughtful exploration of Scripture’s teachings and of science’s theories regarding Creation align seamlessly with the mission of the Church’s institutions of Christian higher learning.  Our affirmation of the historic teaching of the Church relies on the very best of Biblical research and scientific study.” Rev. Dr. Patrick Ferry, President, Concordia University Wisconsin - Ann Arbor
“The Concordia University Ann Arbor Campus reaffirms our commitment to the Biblical truths about creation, proudly dating to the support of our first president Dr. Paul Zimmerman, in the work of the Society of Creation and the Creation Research Society." Dr. Curt Gielow, Campus Chief Executive, Retired, Concordia University Ann Arbor
"Posterity will marvel that so very flimsy and dubious an hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has" (Malcolm Muggeridge on the theory of evolution, The End of Christendom, p. 59).