The Society of Creation was launched in August 2011. The statement below explains the nature and purpose of the Society. While members of the Society have many different positions on other issues, the Society of Creation does not take a position on matters that it considers to be unrelated or that might deflect from the purposes of the Society.

Society of Creation

Membership: This is a voluntary organization that started with full-time members of the faculties of Concordia University System (CUS) institutions of higher education. It then broadened to include people of all walks of life, all denominations, all occupations, and all levels of interest. The Denver Society of Creation is affiliated with the Society of Creation.
Purposes: To provide support, education, affirmation, and encouragement for those who teach the historic position of the LCMS on the doctrine of creation and to affirm the biblical position on creation. Likewise, it supports all Christians everywhere who believe the biblical narrative of Genesis 1 and 2 as it is presented.
Dues: None. Some programs and projects, as agreed upon in advance by the members, may be funded by contributions of members, all of them sharing equally in the cost and that cost known in advance. Those who are unable to contribute may give their blessing, but decline to share in the cost.
Programs and Projects: Major programs and projects will normally be carried out with the approval of a minimum of eighty percent (80%) of the votes cast by the membership in advance with email votes being recorded by the initiator, who can be any member of the organization. Programs are for the mutual encouragement and support of its membership. We held our first conference in the summer of 2013, at which members may present papers that include their biblical or scientific understanding and insight into creation. We have since held an annual creation conference each summer.
Publicity: We especially depend upon email addresses of members, word of mouth, our Facebook page, and the website of the Society of Creation.
Biblical Subscription: In accordance with LCMS convention resolution 2004 Res. 2-08A, Luther's Small Catechism with Explanation, Question 97 [CPH, 1986, p. 106], and A Brief Statement (Adopted 1932, St. Louis: Concordia Publishing House), all members subscribe to the following statement of their position on creation:
First, that God created by His power, as described in Genesis 1 and 2, motivated by His love and grace, rather than using evolution as the vehicle of creation.
Second, that God created mankind in His image, giving them the ability to respond to Him in worship and service. As a result mankind has authority to subdue the earth, which is neither a license to destroy or pollute nor a prohibition against any changing of the landscape. This authority has been affected by the fall into sin (Genesis 3).
Third, that each member of the Trinity was involved in creation, as indicated in Gen. 1:1-3.
Fourth, that creation took place in six twenty-four-hour days with a day reckoned in accordance with today‚Äôs time.
Fifth, that Adam and Eve were real, historical human beings and that the fall into sin was a real, historical event.
Sixth, that creation occurred in the relatively recent past, thousands of years ago rather than millions or billions of years ago.