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Michael J. Behe's book on Intelligent Design was first published in 1996, and later republished with an Afterword, but it has never been addressed directly, much less refuted. His arguments about irreducible complexity are powerful arguments for an intelligence behind this created world. Read quotations from this book and use them in your writing or conversation or research. 

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University of California law professor, Philip Johnson, now retired, looks at Darwinism from a lawyer's point of view and finds it wanting. Johnson's book is credited with starting the modern Intelligent Design movement. 

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Creation Organizations

The following organizations support the straightforward biblical position on creation. Check out their links for many valuable resources, including thousands of articles about many topics related to the Genesis account of creation.

Creation Research Society, Arizona Christian University, AZ. Telephone: (928) 636-1153. Website:  

Creation Ministries International, PO Box 350, Power Springs, Georgia 30127. Telephone: (800) 616-1264. Website:

Answers in Genesis, PO Box 510, Hebron, Kentucky 41048. Telephone: (859) 727-2222. Website:

Logos Research Associates, 3232 W. McArthur Blvd., Santa Ana, California 92704. Telephone: (714) 425-9474. Website: 

Institute for Creation Research, PO Box 59029, Dallas, Texas 75229. Telephone: (800) 337-0375. Website:  

Creation Moments, PO Box 839, Foley, Minnesota 56329. Telelphone: 800-422-4253 or 320-968-4092. Website: